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( Accountancy Department )

     This Department regarded the main one in the College and established in 1986, as a branch of business management department. The department regards as the excellent attracted one, most of the students preferred this department to joined with for the job opportunities which qualify the graduate to work in the country offices.

      The department concludes an evening study for the accounting sciences. The student has been granted the B.Sc. after his graduation, so it will offer another opportunity to whom want to complete their study who are members in the country offices and others. The number of the students increase continually.

      The department objectives (aims):

1-         Graduating a qualified accountants staff contribute to achieve the needs of the national development plan by granting the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in their specialized field.

2-         Presenting accountancy consultation to the country offices.

3-         The effective contribution in Iraqi Association of the Accountants and Auditors.

4-         Preparing seminars and symposiums in the practical field.

5-         Encouraging the accountant on the professional behavior.

6-         Preparing the researches and the specialized accounting  studies which contributes in solving some of the practical problems.

      The accountancy department has another interests in participating  in developing the accounting sciences by giving lectures for the students of the Arabic Institution for Accounting and Audit and also in other scientific organization in the coutry.

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