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News Center / Discussions / Doctoral Manaakechatrouhh at the Department of Economics

Doctoral Manaakechatrouhh at the Department of Economics
2013-03-22 21:03:16

The College of Business and Economics discussing doctoral thesis tagged "food aid and its impact on domestic grain markets in recipient countries 1998-2010" for the student Nada Suhail Sattam / in the Department of Economics on Wednesday 01/23/2013 The committee was composed of discussion

D. Salem Younis Sultan Al Nuaimi                      
D. Louis Abbosh Aono                        member

Mr. Imad Hassan Mustafa                        member

D. Musab al-Salam Taha                        member

D. Imad Youssef Ismail                               member

D. Qais Nazim Ghazal         
Member and supervisor

D. Khairi Khalil salim         Resident scientificallyt

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